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Temat: Dolomity, warunki sniegowe, prognoza pogody
Hi All, I am not sure if I can write in English here, my Polish is not very good. I can read slowly but I can't write in Polish. Anyway, I ... her own ability while I have some days with the need for speed. Could someone recomend me a nice family friendly area, preferabelly where we can rent a cottage or some...
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Temat: "Obcy"(skifun06) z PL korzeniami prosi o pomoc
"Obcy"(skifun06) z PL korzeniami prosi o pomoc Pozwolilem sobie skopiowac post z "mojego" watku. Moze cos wiecej doradzicie. Pzdr. Hi All, I am not sure if I can write in English ... for speed. Could someone recomend me a nice family friendly area, preferabelly where we can rent a cottage or some nice family owned smaller guest house? Do you have a clue...
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Temat: Europejski kraj w Azji, czy azjatycki w Europie...
@ Kpt. Kloss - naprawde super link: www.balagan.org.uk/balagan.htm polskie (oraz hebrajskie i yiddish) "balagan" pochodzi od rosyjskiego/ staro-tureckiego slowa znaczacego "drewniany budynek" pochodzacego z perskiego "balakhaana" znaczacego "zewnewtrzny pokoj", ktore pochodzi ... room' (within a house). Now you can guess what was the opinion of Poles and Jews about the state of the Russian wooden houses deep in the XVIIIth century, when the ... balakhaana "external room". But "balakhaana" can be derived from OIE (Old Indo-European) *bhelg which means "wooden plank". This ancient word's direct descendant in English is "bulk". And from this same root we have the Polish word "belka" (direct decendant) and the English "balk" (came via Old-Norse) - both have the meaning of "wooden beam", "girder", "tie-beam", "rafter" - (compare "fulcrum" which is a Latin relative to these two words). An even more interesting, the English word "balcony", Polish "balkon" (which came to both our languages from Old Italian (to Polish via French) where ... room" - the houses there were originally built of brick and stone, only the top (the roof) was frequently covered with wood and served as a veranda for "parties" during pleasant summer nights. Similarly in the Mediterranean countries. As I have recently read about new discoveries concerning Pompei, these "upper rooms" and "roof-verandas" of restaurants very often served as "rooms rented by the hour" or brothels ("public houses"). Now, the word "brothel", as well as its Italian ("bordello"), French ("bordel") and Polish ("burdel") originally also has meant "wooden house". It is derived from the OIE *bherdh, another word meaning "wooden plank" (see English "board" < Old Germanic "bord"). Now, the shift of meaning from Russian "wooden house" to Polish/Jewish "mess" is quite comparable to the shift of meaning that the word "bordello" underwent. I am not sure about English, but at least in Polish and in French "bordel" also means "mess". Compare: French "quel bordel!" ... So beware, not only your cottages and huts, but also your verandas may easily become messy, that's in their nature ;-) The words reveal this nature. If you find a huge...
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